About C&C Automotive Transport

Our Mission

C&C Automotive Transports mission is to create the best environment for our employees and drivers by putting them first. With the best equipment, Family home time, unprecedented 5-6 weeks of vacation time and commitment to our employees they will be happy in their positions.  We believe happy teammates will do their best to exceed customers expectations and make customers also happy. 

The Beginning

C&C Automotive Transport was started by Jeff and Tresa Case as a way to move a couple vehicles for our small dealership. I would drive the truck at night and work during the day. A couple dealers asked if we could also help move their vehicles. So we started moving other dealers vehicles. Then we added another older truck, then another. After 15 old trucks we sold them off and started off buying new ones for our drivers. That's how  one of the fastest growing Automotive Transport companies in central Virginia began.

Operations began in April 2014 with a single Volvo Cab-over truck and 3 car wedge. Today we own a fleet of State of the art Peterbilts and Western Star, 9 car Cottrell stinger trucks and trailers. Our oldest truck is a 2015 year model. New Trucks are being added monthly.

Our Future

C&C Automotive Transports future is it employees. By bringing in the best people we can find with the best environment, we will continue to grow in equipment and customers. 

Our goal is to add 4-5 trucks each year. However, we will never lose sight of Our Mission.