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Our Team, Front Office

"Boss Man"

Jeff Case

Born and raise in upstate NY on a dairy farm. Lived in Lynchburg area for 30 years. He's been  married to "Mama T" for over 16 years. They have 3 Beautiful Daughters, 2 grand daughters and 1 grandson. He has started many successful businesses in Lynchburg, Va area including manufacturing, RV products, Contracting and Auto Hauling only to name a few. His Favorite hobbies are working, martial arts, motorcycle riding and building businesses. You can always find him drinking Diet Coke.

"Mama T"

Tresa Case

Tresa is is originally from Ohio. She was raised in central Virginia. She's been married to the Boss Man for 16 years. She is the mother figure to all of the staff. She often make homemade biscuits for them in the morning. She has 3 beautiful daughters, 2 grand daughter and 1 grandson. When not taking care of the staff, you will usually find her roaming and taking pictures or mowing grass. She is a proud member of " The Daughters of the Revolutionary War" society.


Dispatcher for C&C Automotive

Billie Johnson

Born and raised in Central Virginia. She has been dispatching since the start of C&C Automotive Transport in 2014. She is the proud mother of two beautiful girls. When not working you may find her floating the river on kayaks.

Chief Financial Officer

Gina Bade

Born and raised in Central Virginia area. Gina has worked with Jeff for 15 years in many of his businesses as his CFO. She is the proud mother of two wonderful girls. When not working you will find her watching Nascar and drinking wine.

Our Technicians

Lead Technician "Malone"

Andy Viar, III

Andy is a native of Lynchburg, VA. He's been doing automotive and diesel repair for over 10 years. When not working you can find him riding his Suzuki RMX 250 motocross bike. Riding wheelies and catching big air or building his mustang.

Technician "Some Dumb,Not Plumb Dumb"

Devon Williams

Devon was born and raised in Ohio. He has been a technician with C&C Automotive for over a year.

He is a huge fan of Star Wars Movies and can probably quote every line of all the movies.

Our Auto Haulers


Brian Carr

Brian is our Senior Driver. He has been with the company for 4 years. Brian is a Veteran of the US Army and former Police officer. His hand shake will crush you.


Adron Eastman

Adron is a native of Alabama. He has been with the company for 3 years.  He served proudly and is a veteran of the US Army. With Adron, you never know what color his hair will be from one day to the next.

"Wild Man"

Jerry Lawyer

Jerry is a native of NY state. He has been driving trucks for over 10 years. Loves riding his Harley and spending time with his family.

"Mr. Clean"

Joe Arrighi

Joe has been driving trucks for a long time. From flatbed, box van, heavy haul and now Auto hauling. Joe gets his handle because his truck is so clean that the technicians take their shoes off to get in the truck to move it. Cleaner than new.

"Preacher Man"

Terry Jarrett

Terry is a proud husband, Father and grandfather to his family. He's dedicated to his family and his faith. Terry is one of the in best shape people we know for his age. Could be all of the natural foods and milk he eats and drinks.


Matt Morris

Matt is a veteran of car hauling. He takes great pride in his truck and being precise in his loading. In the past he received an award for no damage or accidents for over a 2 year period. When not working he loves watching sports and riding his Harley Softail.

Emotional Support & Security Staff


aka "Meow,Meow" Boo, was found when she was only a few weeks old under our trash dumpster. She was abandoned by her mother. It took months to get her to come close to us. Now she greets us every morning with her sweet personality.


Nick is the son of Boo. he has the most beautiful blue eyes. He is one of the biggest clowns of all. You never know where he's gonna be sleeping. We should have named him Garfield. He loves to sneak in and sleep on the copy machine.

"Palin aka The Princess"

Palin is the shop Princess. She is 10 years old. Mama T took her in when the family that had her didn't want to take care of her. She was only 2 weeks old. Mama T sat up all night for weeks bottle feeding her until she was old enough to eat regular. She definitely loves her family and they love her back.


aka "Sarah". Moxy was a rescue puppy from a family that had her chained up with a big chain. She was so timid and scared when she came home. She now mimics Palin and is our baby. She loves to be treated like one also. 


Codie was our first emotional support staff member. He was a great buddy. Unfortunately, Codie passed away after 14 years as being our only little boy. He is always talked about and remembered.